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May 23, 2007
They did with Beckham, He was good at dead ball situations but overrated in other areas, He played because of his "Brand" God I hope we don't ever go back to that and use the term so called "Golden Generation"
That's nuts. To suggest DB was only picked because of his brand is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read on here, from a huge selection of nonsense.

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Mar 9, 2004
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Apparently Maguire will not be available for the Group games, so in my opinion should not have been selected. No matter what he says, Southgate has blundered by picking 4 right backs. Ok , Walker could play at RCB, but he's not very good there. Reece James is the best defensive RB so it should have been him if strong defense was needed and Trent if an attacking back is needed.That's enough : no Trippier, or Trippier/Trent.
I like Sterling but he's out of form : Foden is enough. Calvin Lewis is not international standard. If Kane gets injured we're farked.
Also I think it's awful the way Vardy has been treated I'm not surprised he retired from England. He's a goalscorer, fast and dangerous. Another example of Southgate's limited outlook.
We have the players to do well, but I doubt if Southgate will get the best out of them.
Who????? Or are you possibly on about Calvert-Lewin? If that's who you're on about, you're probably right but then the same could be said about Vardy. He's a great club striker but doesn't have enough about him to be an international striker.