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  • DB9
    DB9 replied to the thread Obituary Thread.
    Graham Skidmore, Best known for the voice of 80's Blind Date and later Shooting Stars dies aged 90. RIP
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    simcity replied to the thread Summer Transfer Thread.
    Sean Maguire from Preston on loan? Mates with Sweeney so might want to play with him 👀
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    IndoMike replied to the thread Four Words.
    Today is the day!
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    IndoMike replied to the thread Politics Today.
    So what are today's pledges from G7, NATO, the UN, the EU, and our beloved Tory Government? a. Save the planet by...
  • grecIAN Harris
    grecIAN Harris replied to the thread Glastonbury.
    I haven't watched much from Glastonbury this year but I did stay up to watch The Pet Shop Boys last night and they didn't disappoint...
  • Avening Posse
    Rumours in Oz that Newcastle want him. Any legs in that?
  • I
    IndoMike replied to the thread Politics Today.
    You can categorize the Bile along with the Sun as UK gutter press
  • Alistair20000
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    Shoot me down in flames (as I'm sure you will!!) but from the Beeb coverage last night I thought Mccartney was pretty bloody impressive...
  • Alistair20000
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    Sad news. RIP. I believe only Ian Lavender left now.
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    dontpassback replied to the thread The Serious Torquay Thread.
    I believe the Torquay chairman was called out under parliamentary privelidge by the local Torbay MP in order to get him to meet,what a...
  • arthur
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    Loved Ryan Harley but it was Rob Edwards that was the catalyst for that remarkable resurgence.
  • elginCity
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    The connection might not be clear until you know that the company behind this continued failure to deliver is Gaming International. Alos...
  • elginCity
    elginCity replied to the thread The Serious Torquay Thread.
    Sorry wasn’t too clear, Banksy - as Spoonz has explained - the Gulls owner and chairman has a track record of promising much ….
  • Oldsmobile-88
    Oldsmobile-88 replied to the thread Obituary Thread.
    I was just thinking the same.
  • arthur
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    Diabate is class, better than Ray. Pond is the next off the rank by all accounts. Got to remember when we signed Ray, Hartridge hadn't...