Conway Expelled from Trust Board

The Exeter City Trust Board met on Tuesday night at a scheduled meeting. The fallout from the Club taking a loan from the PFA continues, and the Trust Board re-exerts its influence over the running of the Club and the Club Board.

One item that was discussed was the Trustee on the Club Board who acts as the Club Secretary, Roger Conway. Conway has issued his own statement on his own website, and this conflicts widely in many places with the exec_box_sjpTrust Board statement, but it also provides additional information that the Trust Board does not yet want released to the wider audience. Conway’s statement can be viewed at

The Trust Board statement says

On 8th July the Trust Board heard a complaint against Trust Board member, Roger Conway. This complaint was brought by one individual – Trust Board member Paul Farley. The allegations were that Roger:

  1. Had breached rule 82 of the Trust Constitution by failing to disclose an interest to the Trust Board by not declaring he had lent money to the Club
  2. Was subsequently in breach of the Trustees’ code of conduct to ‘not mislead directly or indirectly nor make any false statements, nor mislead by omission’. This was put on the basis that he had circulated emails to Trust Board members referring to the lender in the third person, and stating that the third-party had not extended the loan due to matters that were raised in the confidential part of a Trust Board meeting and which purported to imply that the views of certain Trustees had endangered the Club by causing the third party investor to withdraw. This action therefore fostered mistrust amongst his fellow Trustee’s leading to suspicion, accusations, and confusion.

For the breach of rule 82 Roger’s fellow trustees decided a suspension of three months from all Trust Board involvement was appropriate.

For the breach of the Code of Conduct trustees no longer had confidence that they would Directors Roombe able to continue to work with him. Therefore, for this breach and this reason, the decision made was to expel him from the Trust Board.

The Trust Board do acknowledge the dedicated hard work that Roger has undertaken for both the Club and the Trust over many years, but is further disappointed that in his subsequent statement on his website he has continued to breach the Board’s confidentiality.

A second Trust Board statement is due in the next few days which will outline other matters discussed within the closed part of Tuesday’s closed part of the Trust Board meeting.

In our article of last week, we said that ground development should be halted and Chorlton removed as Club Chair, we hope that will still happen. We also asked for more detail on the need for a PFA Loan, and the additional information now available strongly confirms that Trust members need further information and assurances.