What the Trust Board Should be Discussing Next Tuesday

The Exeter City Trust Board meets next Tuesday (8th July) for a normally arranged meeting of the Trustees. Trust members are permitted to attend the open part of the meeting (Part A), but not the closed part (Part B). The closed part of the meeting will start at 7.30pm with the open part of the meeting starting at 6.30pm. The meeting will take place at St Sidwells Community Centre.

The recent need for a loan by the Club from the PFA, which drew out a number of issues of communications between the Club and the Trust and how they work together. It has, however been very quiet since the Trust Board issued their statement on 6th June http://ecfcst.org.uk/2014/06/06/trust-statement-2/

The meeting needs to discuss and share with the membership and the fans of Exeter City

1) Drop the Part B secretive part of the meeting. More than ever the membership needs openness if the Trust is to move forward. Membership by those who have something to offer will decline, leaving a membership of fans that only want priority for tickets. A sure-fire way to kill the future of the Club. There is much frustration by members who feel the Trust has stagnated.

2) Ground Development. The project needs to be shelved. It’s a distraction and using valuable energy and time resources that can be better used elsewhere. As a consequence, Ed Chorlton should be removed as Club Chairman, and a joint Trust/Club Chairman appointed. However, a new lease for St James Park should remain a priority for the future security of the Club. Directors Room

3) The Trust Board needs to have the information on how the Club came to need loans so that the Trust Board can understand what processes need to change so that the Trust Board has a proper understanding of the Club finances going forward. It also needs to undertake a financial risk assessment on the budget for the coming season, to confirm that the Club is in a position to complete the 2014/15 season.

4) Confirm with the Club that the Brazil trip really is cost neutral. In doing so, there should be an explanation of how it is being funded. There is a genuine concern with Exeter City fans that at a time of a transfer embargo after taking a PFA loan, that a trip to Brazil is not appropriate and concerns at the lack of clarity over how it’s being funded.

5) Exeweb.com asked a number of questions prior to the emergency meeting of the Trustees. The list is here, how many of them have been satisfactorily answered?