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Jun 30, 2014
Have one of our pasties if you are down at Xmas.
Yours are the Chunk of Devon ones, no? They're superb - occasionally treat myself and the other half to a steak one/roasted vegetable one with the online grocery order. I've not for a while so you've just prompted me to add a couple for this weekend's order @iscalad. The diet will have to wait until January.

I now feel like I've bigged up our pies/pasties too much - though having said that, they're much better than plenty I've experienced on my travels. We started using a company called Piglets Pantry a season or two ago, rather than the service station type fayre that had gone before it. I have to say I didn't realise we still sold burgers at Fratton until I saw the picture above as I've not seen anyone eating one in years (and perhaps the photo is why) - feel vindicated from picking something up from the local grill on the walk back from the station post match.