Football quiz to pass the time.


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Feb 7, 2009
I'm sure you're all going a bit stir crazy like myself with no football, so here's a footy quiz to pass the time for you. I'll come back sometime tomorrow and let you know what right answers have been given to date. Please try answering without resorting to Google, makes it's more fun.

1. Which player holds the record for most consecutive Premier League appearances (310)?

2. Ron Atkinson last managed which club in the Premier League?

3. Which player scored a goal for Italy in the World Cup finals and also played in the Premier League?

4. Which 4 outfield players played every minute of the season for a Premier League title-winning side?

5. What was introduced for the first time by trainer Donald Colman in the 1920s at Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen?

6. Which England international scored the only goal of his whole club career against Southampton at The Dell in October 1967?

7. Which player has won the FA Cup the most times?

8. Which club has had the most losses in the top flight 'Premier League' ?

9. Which player holds the record for most own-goals in The Premiership with 10?

10. Which player has scored the most goals scored in one half of a game in the Premiership?

11. Which is the largest city in the UK not to have a professional football team?

12. Why have some British clubs got square flags on their corner posts and some have triangular flags on them?

13. Four teams have sat at the top of the Premier League at one time, only to be relegated in the same season; can you name them?

14. What was significant about Man Utd's 3-0 victory over Fulham on March 22, 2003?

15. Name to only 2 players to reach the 100-goal mark in the Premier League without scoring from the penalty spot?

16. Name the player thats holds the league record for most games (511) by an outfield player without scoring a goal?

17. How many goals did Peter Schmeichel score in his professional career?

18. What was the first Asian country to appear in the finals of the World Cup tournament?

19. Where was the venue for the first ever FA Cup Final?

20. How many FA Cup trophies have been used since the tournament was first founded in 1871?
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Jul 12, 2019
3. Marco Matterazzi
4. Harry Maguire
5. Ice cold wet sponge down the shorts.
7. Cesc Fabregas
8. Everton
10. Ole Gunnar Solskaer
11. Plymouth (had to be said)
17. Two
19. The Oval