Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

Colesman Ballz

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Dec 28, 2014
Sort penalty? That was the most inept referee i have seen for a long time. Orient had 7 players booked for the cynical tactics and should have had two players sent off as he failed to book there #2 for going thorough Sparkes and the #8 for a horrendous dive scream and rolling around only to pop back up on his feet after 10 seconds. That penalty was the only thing he got right.
Oh dear ! I fear that you were "reeled in" good and proper by that pesky Phoenix Kid !


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Aug 22, 2007
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Glad we got the draw. Orient were the most cynical side I've seen for a long time, and could/should have had at least 2 players sent off. Can't remember the last time I commented on a referee, but he was krap. The assistant on the IP side wasn't much better. Fouls he missed must easily have been in double figures. As has been said allowing their player to leave the wrong side of the pitch just about sums it up.


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Feb 27, 2006
Wondering if I'm on a different planet
How did the referee "fall for it" when he added nearly 10 minutes all told?
Pete, we know you have a thing for referees but to say that he was "excellent" makes me think that you have lost the plot. He fell for all kinds of shocking activity from Orient, including being totally ignored at times. And how a ref, 15 yds into the pitch can over-rule a linesman and give a throw in is beyond incredible