All Blacks 57 South Africa 0...


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Apr 18, 2009
That was the worst defeat in the Springbok's History. So what lies behind the massive fall from grace of this once great and extremely physical team? Rugby in South Africa is very much an Afrikaners game and it was President Mandele who protected it from the vindictiveness of some when apartheit came to an end. Soccer, however, never did have such problems mainly because it's a predominately a black game - should you google the national team there are, in some cases, no whites at all.

Come 2016, because of the lack of progress of "people of colour" getting game time in the national teams, the current sports minister was hell bent on imposing quotas. Now while he's happy how soccer is run(?), he was less tolerant with other sports to the extent of banning the likes of athletics, Rugby, cricket and netball from hosting or bidding for international tournaments. As of now, I believe some headway has been made with the SA cricket having 6 "players of colour" while the rugby squad has upped it to 8 out of 23. By 2019 The minister wants it to increase to 50%.

I've no doubt that eventually you will get black sportspeople as equally adept as whites, but in the meantime it appears that the better player must hand his shirt to the lesser, and, in the case of the Springbok's, the results suffer.