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    TV Times

    But the couple presumably glorying in that interest rate have accidentally glued their heads together. Possibly one of them was using too much lacquer.
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    What date will we be back watching live football at SJP Thread.

    Does Steve Burley know what happened to the turkey costume and blunderbuss from all those years ago ?
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    Bring back Aaron Martin thread!

    That moment when you're scrolling through the threads on WOWS and this thread appears in the corner of your eye and your mind reads it as 'bring back Arnold Mitchell'. Just me, then.
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    News Story of the week (a humorous look at the news) Not very easy to breathe through.
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    TV Times

    Don't pay much attention to the sponsor bits but suspect it says something like "Kelly's Ice Cream sponsors family drama on Five". After All Creatures... I found the Sooty Show a very difficult watch.
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    TV Times

    Because they paid the money... Or Yorkshire Tea didn't fancy the tag line: Yorkshire Tea, for when you've been up to your elbow in cow ****.
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    News Story of the week (a humorous look at the news)

    They somehow missed the phrase "thousands dead". Merry Christmas.
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    News Story of the week (a humorous look at the news)

    Was the ice cream van playing Greensleeves, Match of the Day theme etc, while the police car played this... ?
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    TV Times

    ... and there's a bloody cream cracker under the settee.
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    Little things that amuse you

    He may have liked it because it confirmed his opinion. Just saying.
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    Transfer Rumours 2020

    Have we been linked with Messi yet ?
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    Pre-season friendlies

    I'm amazed at how good I am at avoiding having my photo taken. I'm the one with the red back pack, talking to a Tivvy fan who, I think, was fretting that he hadn't got a face covering and then remembered he had one in the pillion of his motorbike.
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    Little things that amuse you

    Officers initially thought it was a miniature nun.
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    Odds & sods

    I remember coming out of Maine Road and not knowing where the coach was. we approached a policeman who said "go down the ginnel, turn right and another ginnel takes you to the car park". Only Glen Newson had the guts/ sense to say "just one question: what's a ginnel ?"
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    The Flouncing Thread

    The only appropriate time to eat Lincoln biscuits is when City sign someone from Lincoln. Fred Binney's Head will be glad to hear this is what my brother and I did when City signed Graham Parker over 50 years ago. DB9 and I need to be reminded that there's already a thread dedicated to biscuits.