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    Sponsoring the Women's Team

    Are the players on a diet of eggs and that's why they need a hen ? Never knew chickens were so expensive...
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    Obituary Thread

    No longer squealing like a little piggy.
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    Odds & sods

    Perhaps the pyre could be constructed from these... arranged to look like a rough approximation of Exeter Cathedral
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    Odds & sods

    Good point, well made ! I don't think even in the Prayer Book Rebellion anyone was burnt at the stake in Exeter. The vicar of St Thomas was hanged from his own church tower. And I believe a mayor of Exeter was one hanged whilst still in office.
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    Odds & sods

    The 'castle and ball' logo; a Seventies classic up there with non-League programmes 'sideburn Bob' who still makes occasional appearances.
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    Little things that amuse you

    ...or trying to steal your luggage.
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    TV Times

    Always got her mixed up with Lesley Anne Down .... also still alive
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    TV Times

    Simon Williams also still with us And, no, I didn't Google "Simon Williams dead"
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    Odds & sods

    Disappointed it's not as folded originally so the bottom line read "ride of devo"
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    Former Players

    I went to school with his dad...
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    Exeter City Women 2020/21 Season

    Likewise but can't find any Plymouth based business called 'Signal Box' by Googling it. Nearest is the cafe on Totnes station.
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    Exeter City Women 2020/21 Season

    They were Vospers Oak Villa before withdrawing from the Peninsular League. Ground delightfully situated between Camels Head Fire Station and Weston Mill Cemetery. (it's under the 'ator' of Crematorium)
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    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager to Col Utd

    Well, they've had a former City manager with no promotions on his CV...
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    TV Times

    AMSTRAD, where Alan Michael Sugar made a lot of his money from.
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    A face you would never tire of punching

    Limiting himself a bit by only cooking with ginger.