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    ECFCNursey : RIP

    So sad to hear this. RIP Nursey from us both xxx
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    What was for lunch thread

    Chicken and mango sandwich from Northcote Theatre -overpriced and crap like most of the ****e on offer for lunch on the Uni campus. Must get my act together and make my own lunch. I'll starve then.
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    New Years Eve and Exeter Chiefs

    Very convenient living here Olds. Lasher is feeling a little tender from last night where he demolished best part of a box of Stella :-#. The plus side is he may take in more of the game today ^o). Give us a bell if you are out later.
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    New Years Eve and Exeter Chiefs

    Gunna see what all the fuss is about tomoz - yes it's on my fb status
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    Advice please

    You have no excuse. You should know better. Repent.
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    Big Country

    Will be well worth it. Big Country and Mike Peters - love them both. What a great combination. Enjoy.
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    Things you'd struggle to live without

    Cats Music Telly Rum
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    happy birthday ecfc69

    Happy Birthday Pip. [cake][ecfc]
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    Sheffield United away

    Oi!! You bugger...... ;)
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    Yay or Nay? Topic No. 588929050506960606

    I have two tats. I may choose to expose them weather permitting and the type of event. I would have my whole back covered if I found the right design. I see nothing wrong with either women nor men having tattoos.
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    Lots of trick or treaters tonight. Pumpkin now switched off and sweets gone.
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    What was the last pub you visited...

    Yep. At least your wheelchair stayed in one piece this time (surprisingly) :D
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    What was the last pub you visited...

    The Howard, Sheffield
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    Dogs? love dogs especially Noah (Scoots) and I've met Ringo (RtP) who gorgeous. Haven't got one though. My friend has a miniature somethin or other called Dalton that's about the size of a big hamster - I was sorely tempted as it didn't need much walking or, indeed, poop scooping. She wanted...
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    Walsall pub? King George V according to the link.