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    Former Players

    grecianIAN Harris :Why should I 'get back in my box' as you put it ? Some might view yours as 'an over-reaction '. I thought this was a forum where individuals were encouraged to debate issues impacting or likely to impact ECFC. Clearly you don't see it that way. How sad for an apparently...
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    Former Players

    Cygnus to take your description , with which I agree , Pym is a 'hothead' . Ferguson is absolutely right. As the Bard wrote , ' I think thou does protest too much'. In my view .. 'Hotheads' do not make good sportsmen . They certainly do not make good goalkeepers. Watch Pym's performance against...
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    Deadline day predictions

    I hope you're right budegrecian. It's always difficult for a player 'on the verge' of a financially life changing tfr . Any such personal anxieties are very understandable . JK is a talented player and thus on the radar of many Championship clubs but reckon his long term interests will be...
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    Deadline day predictions

    Absolutely agree with your post (except it's Josh !) .....particularly judged from his performance Tuesday night . In my view his mind was elsewhere. Shame for the club and the player but that appears to be how it is.
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    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager to Col Utd now Stevenage

    Once again PT is 'sharing the pain all the way to the bank' of genuine supporters of a club that has to closely manage it's finances . Even amongst his most die hard of his supporters there can now be little doubt that PT is the soccer epitome of self-delusion. I have friends who are lifelong...
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    Archie Collins

    An absolute pleasure to watch . A true sportsman. A really well-rounded young man. In essence , a credit to himself, his parents and the Academy. An absolute natural for club captain. Long may he represent ECFC.
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    Paul Tisdale - Ex-Bristol Rovers Manager to Col Utd now Stevenage

    The Proper Chap and Grecian Max : I concur with so many of your posts. An interesting thread with a predictable outcome at Bristol Rovers. Paul Tisdale (PT) never realised , and will never accept, that he was in the most privileged position of any appointee to the post of ECFC Manager. The one...
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    Bury - build up and prediction

    Oliver : Absolutely agree with the change of style . Will stand us in good stead on Saturday and during the 'run-in'. City have been so unlucky of late with not 'putting away' several chances . It will turn and the key is that the team is creating chances . Forte, Holmes , Law and Collins to...
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    February 2019 Points Prediction Thread

    Jonathan Forte has been so unlucky ...not to score ...particularly at Carlisle. He'll put that right on Saturday in what promises to be an absolutely cracking match . ECFC to win ..both teams to score !
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    Jordan Tillson out on loan

    The proper chap : The former manager's machiavellianism / sycophanticsm makes Matt Taylor and Eric Kinder's performance even more remarkable. The new era is akin to a dark cloud being lifted over my club ....which was not saved by the delusional whining PT but through dint of effort by numerous...
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    Exeter City AFC v MK Dons Official Match Day Thread. 2 Feb 2019

    Thank you IndoMike: Where I sit in the Stansfield Stand there has been a palpable change of demeanour and it aint all about winning . It's very much about going out and endeavouring to play with style , professionalism and tactical flair... . the aim being too beat the opposition and not wait...
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    Exeter City AFC v MK Dons Official Match Day Thread. 2 Feb 2019

    Bittners a Legend : 'MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE TO WATCH' ..Indeed it is. City haven't won every match at home this season but I've never doubted the application and evident team spirit which Matt and Eric have engendered. That together with some excellent signings , highly effective scouting 'north of...
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    Exeter City AFC v MK Dons Official Match Day Thread. 2 Feb 2019

    Wonderful atmosphere in the Stansfield throughout . Had the pleasure of speaking with Ryan Harley and David Wheeler before and after the match. Absolutely no acrimony. Speaking with DW in the lounge after the game it was very apparent how he loved his time at ECFC. A real sportsman. I suspect...
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    Exeter City vs MK D*ns build up thread

    Billy the Fish : You could be right about your 1-1 prediction . Ash : interesting word 'decent' ...defined as 'following generally accepted standards of morality or respectability' On that basis I consider ECFC to be a very decent club which has to function in a football world that persistently...
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    Forte was unlucky ..however the 'miss' will probably dent his confidence. Why not give the responsibility to Archie Collins ? ...his maturity shines did in the penalty shoot out against Ipswich.