Celebrating 20 Years of Triumph: Exeter City Supporters Trust’s Enduring Success

In the world of football, where the roar of the crowd is often overshadowed by financial interests and corporate influences, the Exeter City Supporters Trust stands as a shining example of what dedicated fans can achieve. As we celebrate its 20th anniversary with the Club sat on the top of League One, we delve into the remarkable journey of the Supporters Trust and its incredible impact on Exeter City Football Club.

The Birth of a Lifeline

Two decades ago, the Exeter City Football Club was in dire straits. Financial turmoil, debts, and uncertainty loomed large. The club was on the brink of potential extinction. It was in this moment of crisis that the Exeter City Supporters Trust emerged as a beacon of hope.

A Vision for the Future

The Supporters Trust, formed by passionate Exeter City fans, had a clear vision: to ensure the long-term survival and success of the club. Their mission was not just to save the Grecians from financial ruin but to actively participate in the running of the club. This ethos of fan engagement and community involvement set them apart.

Community Ownership and Accountability

One of the Trust’s greatest achievements was its successful bid for community ownership of the club. In 2003, they acquired a 51% stake in Exeter City FC, effectively giving fans a voice in the boardroom. This move not only secured the club’s immediate future but also ensured that it remained firmly rooted in the Exeter community.

The People

Too many people to mention, from offering a small amount of their time, an expertise or for some dedicating their life to the Trust. They’re thanked from all the Exeter City fans for keeping our club alive, keeping our club successful, and providing a springboard for the future.

Financial Stewardship

Over the years, the Supporters Trust has exhibited commendable financial stewardship. By diligently managing the club’s finances and making prudent decisions, they have helped Exeter City FC achieve stability in turbulent times. Their commitment to fiscal responsibility has been crucial in maintaining the club’s competitiveness.

Success on the Pitch

The Trust’s impact extends far beyond the boardroom. Exeter City has witnessed remarkable success on the pitch during their tenure. The club’s journey from the lower tiers of English football to League One is a testament to their dedication to both on-field and off-field excellence.


A Model for Others

The Exeter City Supporters Trust has become a model for other clubs and supporters’ organizations. They’ve shown that when fans are actively involved in the running of their club, success can be achieved both on and off the field. Their story serves as an inspiration to countless other football communities.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate two decades of the Supporters Trust, it’s essential to look to the future. The Exeter City Football Club is now more stable, competitive, and connected to its fans than ever before. The Trust’s commitment to their beloved club remains unwavering, and they continue to explore new ways to enhance the Exeter City experience for supporters.

In Conclusion

The Exeter City Supporters Trust’s 20th anniversary is not just a milestone; it’s a celebration of resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to their beloved football club. Their journey from saving the club from financial ruin to guiding it to success is a testament to the power of community, unity, and the enduring spirit of football.

As we reflect on the past two decades, we can only imagine the heights Exeter City Football Club and its Supporters Trust will reach in the next 20 years. One thing is certain: the Exeter City Supporters Trust will continue to be the heartbeat of their club, inspiring fans and football communities worldwide. Here’s to two decades of triumph, and to many more in the future. Up the Grecians!

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