Jack Sparkes Fires Up 1931 Fund

Jack Sparkes, 16 years old, is the latest player to be funded by Exeter City supporters through the 1931 fund.

This is a bit of a departure for the fund, as normally a new ‘extra’ player to Paul Tisdale’s squad is funded. Here the Club asked that the fund enabled a young player to be offered a professional deal. Jack Sparkes is seen as having great potential, and capable of first team football.

Much to the surprise of fans the newly announced number 31 player made his d├ębut on Saturday away to Swindon Town, coming on as a 74th minute substitute for Liam McAlinden. Within 5 minutes of being on the pitch Sparkes had hit a left footed long-range shot against the post.

Speaking about the decision to give Jack the No. 31 shirt, Paul Tisdale said:

It has been a fresh look at the 1931 fund, which has given us an opportunity to accelerate one of our brightest young players into the first team squad.

The previous wearers of the number 31 shirt have been

  • Pierce Sweeney
  • Joel Grant
  • Graham Cummins
  • Elliott Chamberlain
  • Callum McNish
  • James Norwood

Details of the 1931 fund and how to help pay for the wages of Jack Sparkes can be found at http://www.exeweb.com/2017/07/11/1931-fund-enjoys-pre-season-surge/

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