1931 Fund Enjoys Pre Season Surge

Having raised £100,000 in its first eight seasons, the Exeter Exiles led 1931 Fund is ready to commit at least £15,000 more towards a new Number 31 for the coming season.

And there’s still time for loyal fans to help add another zero to that figure. Or at least to turn the 5 into a 6 or 7…

The Fund admitted last week that they’d had to borrow from their July 2017 donations – effectively creating a 13 month 2016/17 season – in order to pay ECFC the full £15,000 pledge to cover ‘around half’ the wages of last season’s Number 31, Pierce Sweeney.

But, having advertised last week for new members – once again pitching the £19 monthly or £228 annually donation as an ‘alternative season ticket’ for exiled fans – there has been an unprecedented response from Grecians ready to help.

Fund organiser Alan Crockford said:-

I’m yet to turn around a dozen offers to join up into lovely membership subs, but we can usually bank on the majority coming good for us.

Obviously with a membership offer like the unique package I’ve created for the 1931 Fund, you’d be mad not to join.

You bung us money, and in return you get nothing – except the odd email and a warm glow of Grecian pride.

Alan admits to being delighted and relieved by the level of interest. He continues

This really did begin with a single thread on Exeweb in 2010 – nothing more than that.

Since then, through lots and lots of monthly subs and the odd Exeweb sweepstake, we’ve managed to keep doing our bit for City.

It’s lovely to see yet more fans sticking their hand up and offering to keep the whole thing going.

This past week has given us a real boost – and there’s still time for more fans to get on board and help us put a really promising young player in the Number 31 shirt.

Potential new members who can spare £19 per month to support one of the great Exeweb success stories can contact Alan by emailing [email protected] or by messaging Alan Crockford on Exeweb.



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