Charity Song Celebrates City Centenary

The competition may have been long over for England but for many a Grecian the excitement continues as they foOliviaandMarinllow their other team, Brazil, into the semi-finals against the old enemy Germany.

Whilst the historic link with Exeter has sometimes been overlooked by the wider footballing world, one dedicated Grecian has been doing her bit to publicise the centenary in her own unique way – by recording a song for the World Cup which also embraces that special Exeter / Brazil bond. And raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust to boot.

Little Olivia, at just 8 years old, is already a long-standing City supporter who is well known to the away fans for her sheer enthusiasm. Such is her passion for the Club that she also fulfils the role of mascot as often as she can and leads the team out onto the pitch.

It’s no surprise, then, when planning how best she could raise money for charity, ECFC simply had to be in there somewhere.

Accompanying the song is a cleverly constructed video which both highlights the Centenary and celebrates the lives of so many players who succumbed to cancer, including our own Adam Stansfield.

The video has garnered views from around the world – from Eastern Europe to Australia to the USA and, of course, Brazil. It has been supported through retweets by many of this countries football clubs, from the Premier League to the Conference, as well as a host of celebrities. Not to mention many City players past and present.

No doubt the staff of both ECFC and the Trust are equally proud of her endeavours as the date for the much anticipated Centenary Match draws close.

At the time of writing, Little Olivia has raised an impressive £312 for the TCT.

The video can be found at:
The charity page is at: