16 Important Questions the Trust Board needs to Answer

So far there has been little in the way of explanation as to why the Club has to seek a loan from the PFA. A meeting of Trustees is taking place soon and a statement due on Friday. Here are the questions that need answering publicly.

1). How much has the PFA loaned?

2). What will happen for paying the June and July wages?

3). Has the Trust loan of £30k been repaid?

4). How will the PFA loan be repaid?

5) Why hasn’t the season ticket money covered it, given that sales were only 10% down?

6) What cost cutting measures are being put in place?

7) Is there a transfer embargo in place?

8) When were the Trust Board told about the need for a loan?

9) What other avenues (for finances) were explored?

10) The little communications there has been from the Club and Trust Board that both parties are rather casual about the whole episode. In that intended?

11) Is there an intention to let the Club go in to administration allowing the club to be bought cheaply and free of non football debt? “Doing an Aldershot”.

12) Some Trust members have indicated that they’re resigning from the Trust because of this episode, does the Trust Board have a view in membership matters?

13) Do we need to do some urgent fund-raising with the fans?

14) What will happen to the light up the park project? Can it be delayed a year?

15) When will there be a meeting of members?

16) Is the Club owed large sums of money by other Clubs?