£100m Railway Investment Messes with Grecians Travel Plans

Travel plans for our first League 2 away trip of the season to Mansfield Town is going to be seriously disrupted by a £100m investment in the railways around Nottingham.

The engineering works, which run for some time, includes:-

  • a new station platform at Nottingham
  • 143 new signals
  • six miles of new track
  • three signal boxes and Trent power signalbox closed,replaced with two new workstations at Derby signalling centre
  • two renewed level crossings
  • two level crossings closed and replaced with footbridges

Buses will run from Derby to Nottingham, then Nottingham to Mansfield. The combined trip will be 2 hours in duration.  There appears to be a timetabling issue for those needing to get back to Exeter. Either catch the 16.55 bus out of Mansfield Woodhouse, or catch the 18.25 and not get back to Exeter until 08.59 the following morning after an overnight at Bristol Temple Mead!

Trains from Exeter:-

Dep Exeter St Davids 07.23 Arr Derby at 10:41 Train CROSSCOUNTRY 03h 18
Dep Derby 11.00 Arr Nottingham at 11.45 Bus CROSSCOUNTRY 00h 45
Dep Nottingham 12.05 Arr Mansfield Woodhouse at 13.00 Bus EAST MIDLANDS TRAINS 00h 55
Travel Time 5h 37m


Dep Mansfield Woodhouse at 16.55 Arr Nottingham at 17.55 Bus EAST MIDLANDS TRAINS 01h 00
Dep Nottingham at 18.15 Arr Derby 19.00 Bus CROSSCOUNTRY 00h 45
Dep Derby at 19.27 Arr Exeter St Davids at 22.43 Train CROSSCOUNTRY 03h 16
Travel Time 5h 48m

Exeter City fans travelling up from London, will change at East Midlands Parkway, catching a bus to Nottingham, then another bus to Mansfield Woodhouse.

Further detail can be found on the NationalRail website, here. Journey details can be looked up here.

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