Sponsors of National Conference Blue Square Bet Sold

The Football Conference has confirmed Blue Square Bet, the Title Sponsors of the competition for the past six seasons, has been purchased by Betfair.

The sponsorship deal was always coming to an end at the end of this season. However, this has thrown some confusion in to what happens for the rest of the season.

Brian Lee, chairman of the Football Conference, stated:

Blue Square Bet has been a tremendous partner for six long seasons and we knew that they were likely to end their contract with us at the end of this current one. They have honoured each and every clause of the agreement and we would like to believe that we have responded likewise. It would be remiss of me not to express our grateful thanks to all their staff, who have over the years contributed to the success of the partnership; and in particular Alan Alger (friend of Kellow’s Bootlaces) who has been a constant thread throughout. We wish him and all other staff at the company the very best in the future. They have become friends and we hope they remain so once the season is over.

Furthermore The Board of the Football Conference is to meet on Thursday in London, for a regular monthly meeting, when the subject of ‘Title Sponsorship’ going forward will be high on the agenda.

Betfair have made the following brief statement:

Blue Square Bet will continue to sponsor the Football Conference under the existing titles until the end of the current season. We are then reviewing what to do after that.