To Postpone or not to Postpone

With Exeter City suffering 2 postponements so far this season, its worth looking at the procedures that the Football League expects to be adopted. Early inspections are expected, to save players, officials and fans travelling unnecessarily.

Football League Head of Communications, John Nagle, said,

Given the poor weather we are currently experiencing it is very likely that we’ll see a number of games being called in the days ahead. Therefore, clubs will be doing everything they can to prevent supporters making wasted journeys to postponed fixtures.

Where there might be some doubt because of the weather, the home club is expected to:

  • Let The Football League know that the fixture might be in doubt ;
  • Speak to the visiting club and get an understanding of travel arrangements and keep those in mind when making decisions;
  • Talk to the match referee to and discuss the need for an early inspection. The home club should look to make an inspection before the visiting club and their supporters have started their journeys;
  • Make arrangements with the Football League for an early pitch inspection, e.g. on Friday for a Saturday match;
  • Keep supporters informed of any changes to the status of the match through relevant news channels such as The Football League website and twitter account, Sky Sports News, local radio, the Press Association and Club websites, Facebook

A postponement decision cannot be made by any club. It can only be done by a referee or the Football League.

Clubs are expected to as much effort as possible to make sure games go ahead.

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