Bath City v Exeter City PSF Matchday Thread

Ian Tarr

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Apr 1, 2004
Good summary by ecfc2000!

You missed Troy, however. A reassuring sight with his aerial dominance.
And it was Will Dean who came on late to play at the back, not Randall, who was in midfield. Dean didn't do much wrong, but was not put under any pressure.


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Jan 4, 2007
Good summary by ecfc2000!

You missed Troy, however. A reassuring sight with his aerial dominance.
And it was Will Dean who came on late to play at the back, not Randall, who was in midfield. Dean didn't do much wrong, but was not put under any pressure.
Thanks Ian, clearly I need to stop chatting so much and concentrate on what's happening on the pitch.

Red Bill

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Dec 9, 2011
Wasn't the bes tof games, but a good run-out to see what fitness levels are like (on the whole, very good)

Some of my thoughs on some players:

Harry Kite - did a good job when he came on second half. Played in CM next to Boateng. He really got stuck in and showed some good ability dribbling the ball and passing. Would like to see more of this lad.
Collins - didn't have the best of games, but I think it just wasn't his night. Quick, strong, technicallly good. Still a great prospect. Might be better in CM?
Boateng - He was something else! Commanded midfield.
Holmes - Looking very fit. Involved with most forward plays in the first half. Worked his nuts off. Still as skillful as ever. Has to start RM for me.
Sparkes - did ok from RM. Took players on, got a couple balls in the box. Expect more though...
Martin - really like this guy. Tall! Great in the air. Passing out of defense was ok. Came forward to support the midfield as much as he could.
Oakes (Triallist) - Really like this guy. Quick, strong, good with both feet, can take players on, can pass well and put a cross in. Looked liked he'd been playing with the guys for months last night. Hope he signs and becomes our new RB.
Stockley - Made a few runs, but didn't get massively involved.
Forte / Abraham - These chaps are quick and linked up well together second half. Both could be threatening.
Law - Played RM then moved in to CM for a bit - looked ok, solid, good passer. Reminds me of Matt Gill.....
Tillson - just not convinced. Lost the ball a few times and didn't really offer all that much. Reminds me of James far too much. A few decent long passes though. I suspect we'll see him feature from the bench.
Taylor - looked solid in CM. We know what we're getting with Taylor.
Hartridge - Thought he did ok at CB. Marked Brunt well. Not sure on whether he's staying with us or returning to Truro?!
Randell - Played CB i think?! Looked very small and dare I say it, out of place. Did ok, but not ready for 1st team.
Jay - never stopped running. Got his goal, but never really looked like a big threat for the rest of the match. Could be great off the bench to wear the oppo down, but would like to see Stockley and Forte / Abraham start.
Woody - Looked really good! Some great tackles, never out of control. I suspect Moxey will start at LB, but Woody still has the legs.
Moxey - not much of a challenge at LB for him, but kept it simple.
Pym - Made a couple good saves - nothing else to do.

Franky Artus got MOTM. Boy got skills....
I agree with most of this but with a few exceptions.
I thought Taylor was absolutely dreadful last night, I lost count of how many times he gave the ball away. Still we all know what a good player he is, so not too worried.
Sparks didn't do loads, but every time he got the ball my heart rate went up. I find him such an exciting player and can't wait to see him get some proper game time.
Oakes obviously impressed you more than me. Jury's still out for me, he looked ok but i'm not sure how he'd do against better opposition, I need to see more of him.
Hartridge I thought was excellent and looked a real prospect to me.

A pretty dull game but it was nice to see the new faces and kids, looks like the academy is still churning out good uns!


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Apr 2, 2004
Hartridge really impressed me too. On that showing I can't understand why he is being loaned out as in my opinion he should be on the bench at the very least.

Grecian Max

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May 6, 2005
Don’t think anyone has mentioned Abrahams’ strength. Going to be a big players for us in the year that he’s here. Very direct.
Jun 7, 2013
I'd echo a few thoughts on here...:

Aaron Martin - He's a big old unit, I hadn't appreciated how big he is. Him and Troy as a CB pairing is not going to let many League 2 attackers get the better of them.

Jimmy Oates - not convinced. If he stays at Hereford, he'll be playing in the Northern equivalent of Bath's league. He looked steady against non-league players, didn't do anything hugely wrong but I don't think I'd like to see him against pace. If he's a CB as well, I think he's too slight to play there. Rhead or Akinde would kill him. I think I'd rather we signed an actual RB than signed Oates.

I liked seeing Boateng and Law as a central midfield partnership for their 30 minute cameo. Law sitting back allowed Boateng to push forward and he began to dominate the game for the time he was on the pitch. If we're going 4-4-2 next season, I'd like to see them starting vs Carlisle.

On paper, I think we've got one of the strongest starting 11s in the division. My concern is a possible weakness down the right flank, but if it all clicks and we hit the ground running, we could be in for one hell of a season.