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    Are we approaching a Crossroads

    Investment in pitch and new training facilities will help both attract new players / youth products and see better quality football on the pitch. We are moving in the right direction but at a pace that is manageable for our income which unfortunately is not as quick if we had a bank roller...
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    The post did start on May 9th so not reflective of players on our radar whatsoever. Maybe this should start from July 1st each year? Would probably still get to 1000 posts before anyone is signed 😏 I'm with Banksy. KMT has shown he is clever with what he recruits with the money he has. I...
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    Nathan Bishop (GK) to Exeter?

    Whoops! Good spot. Don't know where I got Bishop from. My bad
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    Nathan Bishop (GK) to Exeter?

    Nottingham Forrest looking at Bishop. Gonna struggle to attract him down 'ere
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Hoping for something soon. Hypothetically... How do you think we would do in the league if we didn't get anyone in and had to play with the players we have? Is anyone going to find that league 1 is a league too much for them?
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    Offrande Zanzala

    Maybe a change in formation? I'm sure him and Nombe would work well together
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Didn't even catch his name so spent the first few minutes after waking up Googling their players. No one jumped out at me so can't really call this a decent lead on someone coming in.
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    Randomly dreamt we signed a left defender from Notts County 🤔
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    Summer Transfer Thread

    And hopefully if we were to sell anyone we could ask for more as they were part of a promotion winning team (must add a little more value than if we were still in L2)
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    Season tickets - 2022/23 - on sale

    It is guaranteed income to the club which surely has to be a good thing. It is also an indication of a larger number of fans at the ground so potential sales in the bars, canteens and club shop. They will still get plenty of walk ins on day to add what is already on the coffers. I'm wondering...
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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    Get him on an improved contract pronto. If anyone wants to take him off our hands they will have to pay big!
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    Team for the opening day of the new League One season

    If Key gets sold, would you think we have that position already covered with Caprice?
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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    Top class facilities that are long overdue could actually bring revenue to the club, attract better players to sign and help a sustainable push in being a consistent league 1 team. Speculate to accumulate and all that.
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    Matt Taylor to Charlton?

    Yes, I guess technically Sweeny was a Tisdale player but plays so much better in a KMT team. Again I agree with you that KMT has had a bigger budget as a City manager but was really thinking not high in comparison to other teams in league 2 and definitely not in league 1.