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    2008 White Shirt

    Thanks Spoonz, much appreciated
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    2008 White Shirt

    Trying to find out if it has the Wembley writing on, sizing would be helpful as well, but no one at the club replies to social media, or e-mails
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    Heads up - the risks of heading the ball

    In walking football, the rule is no head height or over
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    Yay or Nay ....... No 2786561

    Haven’t seen one of these threads in a while, in these mad politically correct times, I thought they weren’t allowed in case some snowflake might be offended
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    Cardboard cut out fans...

    Does anyone know the latest on the cardboard cutouts? Are they being put into the stands until we can safely return as promised when we purchased them? Or, if not, when will be ready for us to collect?
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    The What Should We Do With the Watkins Money Thread

    Not sure why clubs employ a goalkeeping coach, the goalkeeper has one job, to keep the ball out of the net, i can tell them that free of charge 😂
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    Entry to SJP to be more expensive

    I understand why it’s been done, but would you be happy if McDonald’s had reduced capacity, and charged an extra £1 for your Big Mac? Just curious
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    20-21 new shirts

    Mine took 6 days, didn't get an e-mail until it was out for delivery.
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    20-21 new shirts

    Turned up today, looks smart
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    20-21 new shirts

    Yep, have both e-mails, club shop knows this, as contacted them straight away to say I’d done 2 orders, they said they’d do 1 parcel, nothing since, e-mailed today once postie had been, so around 2ish.
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    20-21 new shirts

    Tried that, and Twitter, no response, not good really when you consider I spent over £200 on shirts over the 2 orders I made on Wednesday night! Getting annoying now, expect better service.
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    20-21 new shirts

    Mine still not arrived, did you get an email to say it’s was on it’s way?
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    20-21 new shirts

    Lucky you I’ve not even received an email to say mines on their way