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    Interview with academy coach Kevin Nicholson

    What a fantastic insight into what goes on in football that we , as fans , never see. He really gave the human side of football. The brutality of 12 or 24 month contracts which most of us never have to deal with and all the time trying to provide for a young family. Having to bite your tongue...
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    Adblockers - visitors please note!

    I occasionally have a sneaky peak at exeweb from the office laptop and I'm only on as a guest then. You still get adverts for ladies from Ukrain I think it is. I seem to remember that the advert says 7 women to one man. I do wonder if anyone ever clicks on any of those. I suppose someone must...
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    [Rerun] Exeter City and Carlisle POSF. KO 5.30pm and 7.45PM

    As someone who has watched City for 53 seasons I have been lucky to have seen most of our dramatic matches during that time. Like most people in my age group I have the same favourites. Sheffield Wednesday at home in 1968, (I missed the Man Utd home game in 1969) West Brom away in 1973 (still my...
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    Walsall v Exeter City matchday thread

    For me the biggest miss of all is Jack Sparkes. He was solid defensively and the way he whipped in his crosses was brilliant. Such an innocuous collision which has had such a devastating effect on him and the team.
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    City v Crewe build up

    Like you I'm positive and I'm going for 2-1 as well. However I think we will do well to get 3,800 with 150 from Crewe.
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    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread

    My take on today. Once I saw the line up my first thought was Matt is saving players for Tuesday. Deanno in for Parkes and Nicky in for Archie. As I keep saying, this is the strongest squad I can remember in 53 seasons and Matt is using it very well. I don't think people on here have given...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    Cheltenham is away I'm afraid.
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    Exeter City v Crawley Town Matchday Thread

    Sounds even more poetic than sunshine over Leith. Write that song iscalad!
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    I can't go into details I'm afraid and I can't go back to my source to check that it isn't an urban myth, because they are moving away on Tuesday and I won't be seeing them again. However, they are very close to one of the people involved and I am sure it wasn't a joke. Just because the same...
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    The threat of Coronavirus to ECFC

    Apparently a chap turned up at the RD&E yesterday and said he thought that he might have the virus. He was told to go to a special cubicle that has been set up in the car park. A consultant and a Doctor both donned special "space suits" and went to meet him. They asked why he thought he might...
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    Thank you. Not the quickest but he's a tough character.
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    I assume so, after expenses are taken out. I don't know if the clubs take 45% each and 10% goes to the FA as happens in the FA CUP I think.
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    Portsmouth V's Exeter City EFL Trophy SF Official Match Day Thread

    I keep banging on about this being the strongest squad I have seen in 53 seasons, well this is a true test of that. Great experience for three of our youngsters and a chance for some of the senior pros to show Matt that they can challenge for the first team. It should be a big crowd, by far the...
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    EFL Trophy Semi Final Draw

    I agree with you, play the team you name or close to it. They've got us there, they deserve the chance. Even if Pompey do put out their 1st team, which I doubt, our team has proved that they can compete against very strong sides. I keep banging on about it on various threads, but this is the...