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    Exeter City v MK Dons Match Day Thread

    2-1 to us, Stansfield comes on as a sub and scores the winner, in front of the big bank, in additional time at end of game…..Have placed a bet on the score, sadly bet365 wouldn’t accept my request for the specifics!!🙁
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    Arg*le Game on Sky Sports Monday 31st October 8pm

    lovely if you live in Devon, Less lovely if you don't......and on a work night!.
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    Accrington Stanley Saturday 27 August 22 Pre Match Thread

    A word of praise for Wayne Carlisle, has stepped into doing the media bits this week in the light of Matts happy news (and quite right Matt is with his wife and new baby). Thought Wayne was articulate, honest and affable in both the post Gillingham interview and the prematch for this. I'm...
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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    Was asked and answered at the forum!. YES!
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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    We are no worse off than we were 12 months ago or so - by which I mean the club having secured a windfall paid the trust back all outstanding loans - forget the amount but circa £800k?. Effectively, if they hadn't they could of used all of the Ollie gift for this development. All that's...
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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    Er, NO. but every business has a business PLAN for growth - or should have!....There was the "project 6000" talk - which should be achieved in league 1. Any business that doesn't plan is doomed to failure....Circumstances will change, plans will need to flex, but neverless there needs ot be a...
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    Offrande Zanzala

    He did post on twitter at the end of the season an emoji of a hand with a pen in it!!!! (then deleted it!).........
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    Planning application for new training ground facilities

    There's no question to be answered as to whether this should go ahead - it's a resounding yes. We cannot continue on any growth plan with the delapidated, inadequate facilities we currently have. It's not just about about our ability to compete with players in an increasingly competitive market...
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    Exeter City's pasties

    Pasties have been ace....not always hot depending on when you get it and from which kiosk, not Chunk of Devons fault though.....cracking pasties
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    The Matt Taylor interview

    Great interview, class manager. Lovely news at the end too....congratulations Mr and Mrs Taylor on your fantastic news, Devon's a great place to bring up children so you just stay here.
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    Retained List

    The retained list is one heck of a list though!.... With a few enhancements, genuinely optimistic we'll be more than ok next season.
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    Padraig Amond in on a season loan

    If podge is out of contract now, we should get him in. May not be able to play every game, in fact definitiely not, but one hell of a back up and a good guy to have around..... "sign him up"!
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    Matt Taylor appreciation thread

    I hope I'm not reading too much into it as an imminent likelyhood, but his comment around "I'll never work with a better group of players, I'll work with better players, of course I will....they've been a pleasre to work with" leaped out at me..
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    Rochdale 23 Apr 22 pre match discussion

    Result on Saturday will spur people on for the Barrow game - which may well be close to a sell out as the last home game of the season still available.....and also one which could seal promotion...
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    Tickets Colchester Match - Club PR - Tickets selling fast!

    Agree SJ, We have a fantastic...FANTASTIC media team..the envy of many I am sure. For a league 2 club to have the number of followers on platforms such a Tictoc, insta etc is testiment to the innovative way they create the consistent content they do....My eldest is at Uni (doing Film, TV &...