New Book About St James Park Due in October

There is a brand new Exeter City book due out in October. It will be on the history of St James’ Park and is being published to coincide with the 125th anniversary of the first known association football match at the ground. Written by Aidan Hamilton,the book is an 160 page hardback containing over 100 historic photos.

Exeter City fans have the chance to be a pre-publication subscriber. This will save you £4 off the cover price (£15.99 rather than £19.99) and also means you’ll have your name printed in the book as a subscriber. Pre- publication subscribers must return their orders by 12 July 2019.

You can use the form on the attachment, or if you would prefer to order on line then please use this link:

There will be various events to mark the publication of the book are planned for the autumn and we will keep you posted about these.


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