Match Report: Coventry City v Exeter City Saturday 8th September 1928

This Division 3 South match took place at Highfield Road on Saturday 8th September 1928.

Coventry lined up: Allen, Plunkett, Crown, Higham, Dinsdale, Bell, Townsend, Toseland, Johnstone, Widdowson, Kirton
Exter City lined up: Campbell, Lowton, Pollard, Taylor, Pool, Clarke, Purcell, McDevitt, Cameron, Houghton, coventry_team_featDoncaster

The debut of Kirton, the Aston Villa forward, a spectacular goal by Townsend, and brilliant goalkeeping by Campbell for Exeter were outstanding features in a strenuous  game at Highfield Road on Saturday, before an attendance of full 18,000.

Play ruled fairly even at the start and 23 minutes passed before TOWNSEND scored his brilliant goal. Snapping up a return from Crown, when just over middle line, the Nuneaton winger tricked Lawton cleverly and closing in gave Campbell no chance with a fast, rising shot. Five minutes later CAMERON equalised with a grounder which passed into the net off a goalpost.

This proved to be the extent of the scoring, and although Coventry City enjoyed three-fourths of the game they simply could not beat the Exeter goal-keeper again.

Campbell was in great form and repelled a host of shots, while his backs, Lawton and Pollard, worked effectively under heavy and sustained pressure.

Interest naturally centred in the doings of Kirton and the manner in which he was closely shadowed by Clarke, Poole and Pollard showed that Exeter were taking no chances. Despite these attentions the ex-Villa man found opportunity for clever footwork and well judged passes, many of which might have been turned to better account.

Like Exeter, the home team’s strength lay in defence. Allen, while having nothing to do in goal that Campbell had, made several clever saves, one forn Purcell being exceptionally good.

Crown and Plunkett were two good backs, the long, well-indeed returns from the former being particularly useful. The halves were also good but fell away somewhat after Dinsdale had sustained a head injury which necessitated his playing the last 20 minutes with a bandage on.

Townsend was the most prominent forward, while Johnstone showed dash and determination in the centre but the line as a whole left room for improvement in constructive work as well as in finishing.

Final Score 1-1.

Att: 15,368

Footnotes. Coventry finished the day in 5th on 6 points. Exeter finished in 21st on 2 points.