Loan Window Closes Today

The loan window for the 72 League Clubs to borrow players closes today (Thursday 28th March). After that it’s emergency loans for goal keepers only. The 4th Thursday of the March is the traditional end date for loans.

What does this mean?

Some panic loaning of players by clubs who need to have that last kick on for promotion or for those clubs fighting relegation and need someone to bolster attack/midfield/defence. Plus some players recognising that they’re not going to be playing for their club that season, will want some first team action to keep themselves motivated or to put themselves in the shop window.

Although the loan window relates to the league clubs, there has been no restriction during this time to borrow players from the Premier League, or indeed to loan players to non league clubs.

Could this be the last season for this loan system?

Quite possibly. The footballing authorities are not keen on these loans, and so many. Though changes for next season, are unlikely to happen, with budgets set and loans considered to bolster small squads.