Exeweb to Launch Daily News Digest

Since we brought back the ‘front page’ of Exeweb we’ve had some excellent feedback. We appreciate that some of you are uninterested – and no doubt we’ll hear from you in this very thread. But thankfully we’ve heard far more compliments than complaints about our efforts to bring together ECFC related news (and a few other interesting bits and pieces) into a concentrated and dedicated news area. Even the club were worried we could take visits away from them – until we politely advised them that the fact the football league had given them a shockingly bad website was probably a bigger issue!

For a couple of weeks now a few of the editorial staff have been helping me test an ExewebDaily Digest email sent at 7pm containing the previous 24-hours Exeweb news articles. It has been working well and we’re now ready to make it available to the membership at large.

In order to reach a decent audience – and hopefully entice some inactive members back – we plan to automatically subscribe Exewebbers who have given us (the administrators) permission to email them from next Monday (29th October). Everyone who signed up was given the option of whether or not they would allow emails from administrators and this is part of your user profile. The main reason for giving a week’s notice is to allow those of you who do not wish to be subscribed to change this setting.

Once subscribed it will be a simple operation to unsubscribe from receiving the emails at any time just by clicking a highly visible link in the email. So we hope you will give us a chance to see what they’re like. We won’t be hiding the unsubscribe link somewhere in the small print or asking you to go through a long-winded process confirming any details. You won’t have to login to Exeweb or remember your password.

If you currently have your profile option set to not accept emails from administrators but you’d like to subscribe to the Daily Digest – you’ll be able to do this from the front page area shortly. We’ll let you know when you can do so.

To change your option now, go here :- http://www.exeweb.com/forums/profile.php?do=editoptions

A discussion thread has been opened here, if you’re a registered user and have some thoughts you’d like to share.

The email will contain the headline for each story, a short summary and a link to Exeweb to view the full story if you wish. I’ve been receiving them for a little while now and it takes seconds to glance through it and the links take you straight to the story you’re interested in. If there is no news in a 24 hour period you won’t get an email.

A lot of discussion was had surrounding whether or not we should make this a daily or weekly email. There are a few reasons why we settled on daily :-

  1. ECFC news can quickly go out of date – especially if we’re talking about an upcoming match, event or issue at short notice
  2. Because we’re dedicated to ECFC we often report things before others – and where we do this we want you to hear something from us first!
  3.  In a week there can be a fair number of news stories. That’s a lot of reading to do if it’s weekly and a long email

Later down the line we will be offering a weekly option for people to switch to – but we want to iron out any kinks first. We may also start to incorporate news from the club itself, the trust, other Grecian groups etc… but we’ll see how things go first.

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