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    Tisdale out brigade - Mk Edition.

    Oh dear boo boo nevermind.
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    Join the Trust!

    Thanks Hants, apathy defeated, I've finally rejoined. I think I was last a member in 2005ish.
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    Update on the SJP works

    Reminds me of the terraces behind the goals at Edgar Street.
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    I don't agree. I work for one of the major car companies in R+D and when we start designing a car 3 years before the start of production we know what the expected volume of sales is going to be based on the studies from our product planning departments. This then aids setting up our budget as...
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    Things you dont see anymore

    I thought the Thomas Cook aircraft weren't allowed to fly now and it was being handled by other airlines?
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    The FA Cup Thread

    Yep, awful concrete jungle in the most miserable part of Essex known to man. Grim.
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    Things you dont see anymore

    Thomas Cook aircraft in the skies. Shame to see another old name bite the dust.
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    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    You seem to have ignored the rest of my post about the bickering turning people off the women’s team and as it was it didn’t seem to matter according to the Twitter reply. However... I have a genuine question. I’d like to know what kind of funding/sponsorship exists from the FA in the women’s...
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    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    Genuine question. Does it darned matter? Can't you see that it is mainly you that is diverting the conversation here from just enjoying the success of the women's team and actually having constructive discussion.
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    Taylor turns down approach from other club

    It's nearly as annoying as people writing 'rant over' at the end of a post just in case the reader struggles to comprehend that the end of their post is the end of the rant. Bizarre. Back on topic though, it's great to see Matt repaying the faith in the club, and also serves to highlight just...
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    Youth 2019/2020

    I thought I passed the team coach on the M25 around 11am. Makes sense where it was off to now.
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    Things you dont see anymore

    Sam Smith being referred to as he.
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    Exeter City v Leyton Orient Match Day Thread.

    The curse of the Manager of the month award strikes again?
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    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    Of course they’d love to play at SJP, as I’m sure would the Under 18’s and Stoke Hill Junior School, but ECFC for all of its community intentions is first and foremost a business, and the minute the club forgets that is the minute we risk sliding back into the financial abyss once again. As...
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    Exeter City Women 2019/20 Season

    This is my view too. Good news about the disability team at the C+F, rather ironic given my earlier tongue in cheek post.