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Hi Craig, I've just ordered 8. I wanted you to know but not the rest of exeweb! It's two for me, one for my wife and one each for my daughter, son in law and three grandsons, just in case you thought I had pressed the wrong button!
No worries Thanks for letting me know. Glad you’ll be able to all wear them with pride 👍🏼 I’ll be putting the order in on Monday and they should be with you July 3rd.


hi Mike, hope u don't mind me contacting you on here but do u know if any of the Salford programmes (for the home game not played) ever made it to the shop as I'm after one if possible!! Appreciate you might not have been in since so may not be able to answer but if any made there way to you could you acquire one for me please!! thanks, Ian
>>I would be interested to read your article on the number of fans travelling to away games(the demographic is certainly different now) that was in SSD.
>>Any chance of posting it on the Memories sub forum ? ?

I don't have the final article, the SDD folks do. Maybe you could ask for a backcopy?
Looks like their website is down, but they post on Exeweb as feverpitch
All the best
Back from the dead
Andy Holloway
I have a brother-in-law and nephew who were Lympstone Royal Marines .Great blokes.

I was RM 1966/90, so i might know them, or BiL at least. What were their names?