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Ant: As part of the book I'm writing about Trast control I'd welcome your input about the state of the Doble Stand at the time of the Trust takover, since I remember that you did a survey. Could you contact me at [email protected] so that I can write the questions that I need answering. I'd really appreciate your help. Dave T
badges !!

Just type in Exeter City Badges on ebay and see how may other sets he has for sale !!
Colesman Ballz
Quite an extensive business he has got going ! So much for just "helping" out collector's. Betcha that not one club receives a penny from the p***k ! :unsure:
so much for the downsizing my collection lol , I reported a guy to ebay for trying to sell replica city shirts and nothing was done as long as they get money from twats like him they dont care
Hiya Mate, Long shot but I am just looking for a ticket for my Dad, I see you have an adult one but also the two under 18's - any chance of the adult one. I know you said you need them gone together but I thought Id ask even tho its a long shot. Thanks!
Hi Ian,
No you don’t know me, I’m messaging to give you some support : )
!! post is too long - send me an email? I'm [email protected], got to get this off my chest : ) ( it's positive mate !)
MY post (drafted) was too long Exeweb auto-rejected it. i could email it see...
let me know if you want a ticket to northampton
andrew p long
Thanks. Offer much appreciated- fortunately I have now got one courtesy of Devon Red. Chuffed to bits by these offers of help- both getting a ticket and by fellow Grecians rallying round in my hour of need!
Have seen the mods have taken down the thread about covid, so can no longer reply to your mesg there. Just wanted to thank you for your grecian solidarity and good wishes. Much appreciated. And good to hear about your wife's experience of improvement!
Moomin Grecian
Moomin Grecian
You’re welcome mate. Yeah I saw the mods took down the thread. Thank you, my wife is in a much better place now and I really hope you start to feel better soon.

Hope you have a good Christmas and fingers crossed City can start to find some form again to make it more enjoyable!!
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