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Dec 30, 2014
I was in Hamburg for a long weekend quite a few years ago when St Pauli played Union Berlin. It was considered a big game at the time, and I don"t think they were in the top flight. St Pauli fans considered themselves a sort of left leaning squatter anarchist student crowd in those days and maybe still do, and the Union crowd who travelled over (quite a few in our hotel) were mainly a working class crowd more akin to UK away crowds back in the day. We went up to the ground to try and get tickets but it was a sell out. Had quite a few beers with Union supporters after the match in the evening as we were staying in the Repperbahn area and St Pauli's ground was only a 5 min walk across a park from there
political ideology meets football- sounds like an interesting game, I remember when St Pauli seemed to be everyone's favourite other team a few years ago but seems to have died off a bit lately. For real fervour though it is hard to beat the fanaticism of the Urawa Reds Ultra's in Tokyo- best atmosphere I have ever witnessed at a football match anywhere. An amazing place when it is full-m check out - '20111015 reds' on Youtube

Red Devon

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Apr 1, 2004
Tony Woodcock had a decent few seasons in the early 80s turning out at the old Mungersdorfer Stadion for FC Koln

Grecian Max

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May 6, 2005
Without FC Augsburg there may never have been flags on the Bank (at least not as far back as 2011)