Will Covid save Matt Taylor’s job?


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Nov 1, 2006
Exeter City haven't dismissed a manager since 2003 i.e. almost 19 years now. Even our 2012 relegation was glossed over as an unfortunate thing to happen to a proper chap.

If Taylor fails to get us promoted (I've always been vocal about my doubts) then we will almost certainly revert to the groundhog days of Tisdale's post-relegation League 2 years as the funds from our academy sales diminish, attendances decline and thus our playing budget being cut year-on-year in a downward cycle until he decides he has had enough.. No way will those in charge ever sack him. I just hope Taylor wakes up every morning and thanks his lucky stars that he is a manager at Exeter City and not any one of the other League One and Two clubs. One fortunate chap.
Personally, I wake up every morning and thank my lucky stars that Matt Taylor is the manager at Exeter City, and not another League One or League Two club. We are fortunate to have him.