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Jan 5, 2018
A curious game, rather lacking in atmosphere. Carlisle probably had the edge prior to the sending off, but one always had the feeling that City had the better players and would eventually prevail. It was interesting tactically: we began by pumping the ball upfield where their big centre half dominated. We looked much better when we tried to play it through. Daniel had a poor game and was unwilling to feed Coley who was consequently starved of possession, especially in the second half. Grounds and Caprice were far more effective when they came on.

One of the mysteries of modern football is the knee jerk reaction of teams to goals and dismissals. Carlisle retreated after going down to ten men, with no real prospect of holding on to a point. As soon as we scored, they came forward and played brightly and looked quite dangerous.

Meanwhile, as soon as we scored, instead of responding positively, we went all sloppy and tentative.

Apart from one alarming misunderstanding with Sweeney, Hartridge looks the real deal: there is growing authority and maturity about his play.

Devon Red

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Jun 25, 2008
It would be interesting to know whether his ball carrying stats would be similar if he was playing on the right. Because he plays on the left he sometimes has little option but to keep running with it because he hasn't got the confidence to play a pass inside with his left foot.


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Mar 2, 2006
Ottery St. Mary
I think Caprice has been a revelation down the left hand side, especially considering it is his weaker side. If we do lose Key in the next few days though i am more than happy with Caprice down the right and Sparkes down the left but obviously do not want to lose Key.