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Jul 12, 2019
That sounds a good read.

Johnny Owens story would make a good TV film.
Its exactly 40 years since that sad night when he was fatally injured in the ring.
The recording of the fight against Pintor was due to be shown on Sportsnight iirc but due to the nature of Owens injuries it was not shown..The ‘Matchstick Man’ never regained consciousness & died a couple of months later.Such a tragedy..
It's fast paced with some great stories and some sad ones like the above.


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May 5, 2009
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I look back at It's a Knockout with fond memories.

I remember the UK ones were a bit rubbish and the European ones (Jeux Sans Frontiers) were where it was at. Stuart Hall had all stereotypes on the table and iirc, the GB team only won it a couple of times over the number of years I watched it. And that never escapes you.
I did like those two buffoons Guido Pancaldi and Gennaro Olivieri who fronted it but calling the mini marathon the fil* rouge was just wrong. (n)

* This may not be the correct spelling.

The start of unacceptable European incursions into our way of life :)


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Jun 19, 2005
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Elstree 1976. Just watched this on Amazon, A Fascinating documentary on making of Star Wars but not with the director or main actors but with the extras, The people in those costumes who's faces we never saw. The programme focused on about half dozen, Including Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) their early lives, Some did extra work as a living, Some models and some jobbing actors, Stories about being on set, One of the females who had a small part in it also had a small part in the original Superman film and dated Christopher Reeves for a while. They also showed these people going to conventions and some make a good living out of it and the fans who knew so much about them and their characters. I enjoyed this. 8/10.