Trouble in town


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Oct 24, 2009
Hanging up the boots.
Really? It's a personal favourite of mine :D

I just can't see the fuss, a woman puts a cat in a bin (which is admittedly a messed up thing to have done), said cat spends some time in the bin but is found alive and well. Off the back of that a woman receives death threats and needs police protection. WTF is that all about?! There are wife beaters and child abusers and rapists and other general scum around, but the British public seem more worked up when a poor little pussycat has to spend a few hours in a bin? I just can't get my head round why people think that this is right. Like I said, people should get their priorities right.
Bang on the money Jan. It's a f*ckign cat. And this is from someone who has a cat. More pressing things in the world, and who is paying for the police protection for her etc etc.