Transfer Rumours 2020/21

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Apr 1, 2004
I love Ryan Bowman, me
I'm always surprised there hasn't been more discussion of this. I like Bowman but, invariably, when he jumps for a high ball he's hit the ground again before it reaches him.
I've said this before, this is a deliberate thing and has only happened this season, he never used to do it. To be fair it works quite well most of the time, on Saturday he won virtually every header, but it looks ridiculous when it doesn't work.


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Aug 1, 2018
Still 20/21...

Bristol City have already announced the U23s being released. Winger Opi Edwards caught my eye. Spent time on loan at Torquay, still young and played 4 games in the Championship this season. With Williams (and maybe Randallgoing he could be an option.

Sure Hinds has been rumoured to us as well in the past. Not very prolific though!

“Aden Baldwin, Opi Edwards, Vince Harper, Freddie Hinds, Zac Smith, Lochlan Robertson and Bradley Webb will be released at the end of the season and the club will be working closely with them on the next stage in their careers.”