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Tony Kellow

Grecian 1901

Mar 22, 2020
It was ten years ago that Tony Kellow passed away
Forever a Grecian

And here

And his last interview with us in a longer film we did



Very well known Exeweb poster
Feb 11, 2005
In RaWZ we trust....Amen.
A name synonymous with Exeter City for football supporters in the country of a certain age.
Everyone knew him as Exeter City’s premier goalscorer.

Much loved by fans & all his team mates at SJP.

I remember Kirky telling me when he picked Kells up before a evening answering questions in the Centre Spot(a great night & laugh)around 2007,he was walking through Heavitree with him.It took ages because of the amount of people who recognised him & having a chat.
Amazing when you think he had retired 30 years before !

Great memories of him in the Eagle Tavern & when he ran the Clifton Inn when he was playing.


Jun 25, 2013
I have three abiding memories of him from watching behind the goal on the Big Bank:
Tony receiving the ball, back to goal on the edge of the area, turning the defender and lashing it into a corner of the goal.
His penalties - putting his laces through it and ripping into the top corner. Don't think I've ever seen any other City player hit the ball harder.
Finally - Kells put through on goal, 50/50 with the keeper. If the keeper got it first, Tony would continue his run and 'accidently' body check the keeper sending him flying. Queue much protesting and a sheepish, shrugging Kells jogging back past the wagging finger of the ref. Much laughter from the terraces.
Wonderful, wonderful force of nature.
He must have been an absolute nightmare to play against