Tiverton Town vs Exeter City, 7pm. Friendly match day thread


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Dec 3, 2020
Jevani Brown has such a relaxed, cheerful manner about him. I think he, Nombe and Dieng have added so much to the team spirit, aside from the fact that they are arguably three of our best players.
Quite true that Mike. Who cant like three guys who always seem to play with a smile on their face, in a relaxed carefree style and are as you say probably our best three players all of whom will I believe take their games to the next level next season. It will be a challenge keeping Nombe and Jevani at the club so it will be important that we are competitive as a team next season to stand a chance of keeping them?

Martin Weiler

Oct 1, 2006
Overall we didnt put enough pressure on the Tivvy keeper who looked about 5ft 6 and around 17 yrs old :)
The Tivvy keeper was actually Exeter City keeper Jack Arthur. We lent him to them for the night as their regular keeper was on holiday.


Oct 27, 2020
Love Jev he has such technical ability and will fit seamlessly into L1. Still unsure whether MJ will make the same step up with similar ease?
Regards last night I'm in total agreement with your comments they were spot on. My only additional points were that for a tall boy I thought Pondy wasnt as dominant in the air as I expected against the bulky Tivvy No10. Also Harry Lee's kicking off the floor needs a bit of work. Overall we didnt put enough pressure on the Tivvy keeper who looked about 5ft 6 and around 17 yrs old :)
I think Pondy and a few of the first team lads looked a bit leggy, but think they were worked quite hard at the Vale and then had about a 4 hour trip back due to the traffic problems. Tivvy's keeper was 17, the same age as Harry Lee, thought Harry's kicking was good last night! Jev has certainly made himself a fans favourite, the sort of player every team needs.


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Apr 1, 2004
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Jevani Brown, wears the crown
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