Things you dont see anymore


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Feb 11, 2005
In RaWZ we trust....Amen.
Small ads in the back of the Music Papers(they have disappeared too I think or online only)

I loved trawling through sounds to decipher the cryptic ads for bootleg live recordings.Punk rarity’s or of interest to the serious collector were a couple of terms to look out for(obviously for legal/ copyright reasons the real nature of the recordings could be advertised)
A address to write to or occasionally a phone number to get the latest Clash Live material(in my case) from the USA.Sent on a C90 tape for £3 inc pp.
I was sent a great recording of a gig from the Agura Ballroom,Cleveland Ohio Feb 1979.Many others too,you had to rely on the senders judgement of quality.The chap I dealt with from Stoke Newington always gave the recordings marks out of 10 in the list he sent.Most bands of that era were covered by his contacts to get recordings.

A ad that always made me smirk in those days (1979/80)..Anna Fords bum by Walvis O’Shea...No idea what the meaning was.It was in Sounds every week for about a year.