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The TITLE Charge?


Active member
Dec 30, 2015
Great to see so many fans of other Clubs coming on here to congratulate us. As Cowell would say we have the likability factor and even more have earned the respect of the football family…….UTC.
Yes and on the BBC have your say comments on city,there are lots of fans from Bristol city,Cambridge Utd,and Newcastle Utd,sending their best,the Newcastle one even remembers the 4 nil we gave them in the cup replay,so fair play to them,afc Wimbledon also sent wishes,and I expect there will be more clubs looking at trust owned models as the way to go,I would imagine scunny and Oldham fans would love to have a say in their clubs

Sexton Blake

Well-known Exeweb poster
Dec 16, 2011
I hate to disagree with you Sexton, but that former manager received excellent financial backing from the Club Board, indeed in the notable example of backing his push for the Championship, they unwisely nearly put the Club back into bankruptcy with "pie in sky" budgeting in their efforts. Have you forgotten the infamous "eye off the ball" admissions ?
Fortunately we now have a Club Board which budgets and invests in an extremely wise manner, and we are reaping the rewards. Matt will get great but prudent support with his budget, and I am confident that we won't have to suffer another five year spell of financial purgatory due overspending linked to unwarranted levels of overambition.
CB I am not going to totally disagree with you but the right new faces brought in to boost our relegation battle when others who were down there with us were strengthening could well have turned the tide……just my thoughts.

I do though fully agree with you about the qualities and ethos of the Club Board.

Snoop Fog

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Jun 29, 2007
Do we get any money for winning the league?

I appreciate our payment from the efl next season will be bigger being in league one but I'm talking prize money.