The Shrewsbury Town v Exeter City Official Matchday Thread


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Jul 24, 2022
Head to head stats so far this season:-

Total shots
Shrewsbury 76 - 95 Exeter

Shots on target
Shrewsbury 20 - 27 Exeter

Shots off target
Shrewsbury 33 - 44 Exeter

Shrewsbury 36 - 51 Exeter

Shrewsbury 39.9% - 51.7% Exeter

Average passes per game
Shrewsbury 279 - 335 Exeter

Yellow Cards
Shrewsbury 8 - 8 Exeter

Red Cards
Shrewsbury 1 - 0 Exeter

Cowshed Grecian

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Mar 9, 2022
I'd be very surprised if MT doesn't retain three in midfield for an away fixture after it's served us so well. So, for me this will be Harper's first start.

I reckon it could also be Stansfield's first start. As we are without Smith I can only see us starting with one of Nombe or Stansfield for the time being and because we play Burton on Saturday and (I think) they are more physical than Shrews then I think Nombe is more likely to start against Burton.
I’m not sure it has served us well away from home has it? We haven’t won yet. Let’s get all the big guns in, let’s attack them and win.