The Official Title Deciding Exeter City versus Port Vale Matchday Thread


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May 9, 2010
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It's been a great season right up until the end. I never expected us to be promoted and wasn't impressed with our close season signings, but Matt has proved that he really knows his onions and got the best out of a squad with no star striker and with 5 or 6 youngsters regularly playing. It's a disappointment to finish runner-up, but a month ago nobody was talking about being champions, so have to be chuffed as hell with auto promotion.
Next season promises to be even more lively, with 4 or 5 relatively local games and games against several ex-Premiership teams.
Can't wait, and maybe I'll be back to see it all.
Love football - an escape from the insanity of politics - and love Exeter City..


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Jun 4, 2008
Yes it was an anti climax but it's still been a fabulous season. What shocked me most was the negativity all around me at the final whistle. "Well that today has proved it, unless we invest massively we'll be straight back down". Another one said " I'll be happy if we finish fourth from the bottom". I said that means we'll go down as three go up but four go down. "Alright then, happy if we finish 5th from bottom". Another said "well that was awful, we won't be good enough next year". When I pointed out that at Christmas when we had a dodgy patch he said we wouldn't make the play-offs, he then said, I know and we've been very lucky since then!" Assuming we only lose Josh then I honestly feel that we will finish in the top half of the table. If Mr Flitcroft repeats the fabulous job he did on recruitment again next season I'm sure it will be a very exciting time and I can't wait. Up The CITY!


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Jul 12, 2019
A frustrating end to a great season. We were playing well and looking the only ones likely to score and then one attack, one shot and we're behind. That gave them something to really hang on to. They then looked to kill the game as much as they were allowed to and the ref certainly wasn't to going to stop them. Four minutes at the end was a bit of a joke. We let it get to us and didn't show enough composure or good decision making chasing the game.

It shows where the space for improvement is with this squad. We have had games before today where we have a lot of the ball in good attacking areas of the pitch but don't make the most of it. A little more quality around the penalty area would make us competitive next season. I was a bit surprised that Caprice started over Jack today. It wasn't really going to be a day for counter attacking. We needed Jack's quality delivery.

Whilst it all feels a bit deflating now, we have to remember we have achieved the main goal in getting automatically promoted. We have shown that we have the squad to achieve that and have fully deserved it. All the doubts from last summer and angst about marquee signings can be forgotten. Turned out Matt and Marcus did know what they were doing. It has also turned out what Matt and the coaching staff have as well turning us into a team more than the sum of their parts. Looking at some clubs trailing in behind us, that is gold dust. Yes we have the best budget for us, but there are some bigger ones who would swap with our position right now pretty damn quick.

It a bit of a sad moment to have to consign this season to history. But at least the memories will last a lifetime. Thanks ECFC.
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Jul 29, 2004
From that interview it doesn’t look as if he’s interested in signing Zanzala.
From that performance it looked as if Zanzala knows. He certainly didn’t appear to be playing for a contract, harsh but true.

Oh, and a cracking goal from the oppo, and good support, wish them well.

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May 6, 2005
Proper weird flat end, that.

Vale did a great job at pressing their wingbacks so far forward that Caprice and Key didn’t get to do much of their bombing forward they usually get away with.

I noticed Darrell Clarke was back in the dugout having been out for half a season after a close family tragedy - he’s a very good manager and outfoxed MT tactically today. MT is improving in that area and will continue to develop, but frustrating we couldn’t go more attacking and Amond wasn’t the right decision imo.

ANYWAY fantastic season overall and can’t wait!

PS was funny watching the old farts shouting get off the pitch to the kids on it, love an irate shirter 😂