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The Official Exeter City versus Accrington Stanley 'who are they?' Matchday Thread

SEA Grecian

Well-known Exeweb poster
Oct 14, 2018
Summer is going to be really interesting and lot depends on how well we perform next season on who he can bring in as a replacement for Stanno whose work rate has contributed a great deal to the success we have enjoyed this season.
Presumably the hope is that Sonny Cox will be ready to step up to the first team.


Jul 23, 2022
Anybody brave enough to give player ratings out of 10?
Lots of 10s! I think some exewebbers are underestimating how good we were. Accrington couldn’t compete because of the quality we showed, right through the team. A lot of players today outperformed the man of the match in many of our earlier performances this season.