The Auto(s) Charge


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Sep 16, 2006
Backing Matt Taylor
I think with our home form , especially recent and Rochdale poor away form plus us needing to win and them not and a large home crowd should point to us being highly fancied to win. Of course things can go wrong but I’m hoping we will get it done on the basis of a number of tight games which we have found a way to win, when historically I have been used to us coming up short.

most neutrals will have us nailed on to go up, but I can understand the worry of what if it goes wrong?

hoping for similar to good Friday, think we will take it easier if we can get two or three up to stay fresh for tuesday. fingers crossed we get the first goal fairly early on .

Spoonz Red E

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Apr 21, 2004
On the table
Here are the permutations for tomorrow.

To the left are all the teams who could possibly equal or better our points at the moment.

Next three columns:
Our possible results - Win, Draw or Lose are at the top in the header.
The other teams have their three possible results in each column.
Red square means they're out of the hunt, orange means they can still equal our points, green means they can still better our points.

To the right - all the fixtures involving those other teams.