Summer Transfer Thread


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Apr 1, 2004
Ottery St Mary
Dommers, I don't believe MT is unrealistic about anything, including the players we might be able to attract. I think the man is completely realistic about everything, in fact he is the most down to earth and in touch with reality person at the club. The lack of realism is centered more on this thread than anywhere with all the comments about the trust not backing him. It amazes me that folks who comment in that way don't know how funding works, we've been told about it enough. MT understands it, its not as if he is new manager with a list of expensive wants being told 'sorry, not enough money'. He knows his budget, he knows he just can't go asking for more because more ain't there. Those who hold the trust responsible and want it changed are whistling into the wind. Its who we are.
I'm sure he does know our budget and understands how we work and I wouldn't want it any other way. He's maintained throughout this window that he only wants players who add quality and that the squad needs strengthening and I'm not sure many would disagree. At the moment I think we've probably got two of those and I'd have thought it was obvious that these type of players demand wages which we probably can't afford so not sure how we were ever likely to add as much quality as he was saying was needed.