Summer Transfer Thread

Snoop Fog

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Jun 29, 2007
Take this information with a pinch of salt it’s just what I’ve been told.

“It looks like you guys won’t be signing anyone. Haven’t heard anything, a lot of logistics have let you guys down this window. Don’t expect anything unless things change very very late on to the point in maybe too late to complete paperwork. Good luck however“.

let’s hope he is wrong…
This aged badly

sign of the chimes

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Jun 30, 2014
With respect you haven’t seen Jay play week in week out in 2022, the Market hasn’t scuppered a move upwards for him; his below par performances have. I agree with Ian in that the formation hasn’t helped him but if anything that would have proven to scouts that without building the team around a niche role he isn’t flexible enough to move on.
Wholly accept that those who've watched him regularly will be better placed to judge the extent to which his performances this year have been off-the-boil.

Ian's point on systems is what prompted me to respond though. If scouts were looking at Harness' performances within the system that Jackett played and the later one employed by Cowley they'd have seen in the first instance a winger who didn't track back; and in the second a decent but not outstanding L1 wide man. A fair section of our more learned support had said he'd be better suited as one of two number tens in an attacking unit and Ipswich clearly scouted on what he'd bring to that role.

Genuine question - are Jay's 2022 performances more about his shortcomings or is he being asked to perform a different role/focus on different parts of his game?