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Grecian in Guzz

Active member
Dec 10, 2019
Exiled 40 milesish West
It was a very nice finish by Stansfield and I can understand his elation and subsequent comments, fair play to him. But it won't beat agent Aimson's deliberate deflection of Butcher's shot to enable that annihilation of you lot last April. The manic racist abuse and threats directed at Ennis from those knuckle draggers in the Big Bank corner showed how proper you chaps are.

Well done to Stansfield and well done to Will - once a green always a green.

Orient are good aren't they?
Felix - I guess you have found yourself on here because you had nothing to do this weekend and are green blooded.
Your so far unsubstantiated report of "manic racist abuse" is nothing in comparison with that given to young Jay at Gargoyle last season about his dearly departed Dad (RIP Stanno). I'm pretty certain your club admitted & apologised for this awful behaviour when supposed fans themselves posted evidence on social media & us Grecians could plainly hear from the away end.
I have it on good authority that Stanno Jr (photo from yesterday's game below) has channeled the negative Gargoyle supporter energy into taking 6 point off you this season and I have offered a £100 donation to his Dad's charity if he scores a hatrick when you play Birmingham again.



Sep 7, 2014
If he scores a hat trick against us for Birmingham I will donate £100 to his Dad's charity, but he won't because Birmingham are not very good and we're outplayed by us. Anyway, pledge stands.