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St. James Park - Championship Ground

Antony Moxey

Very well known Exeweb poster
Jun 24, 2004
I thought I'd bring this thread back rather than entirely derail the home ticket news thread...

When I was looking at the Nevada stand on Saturday I was wondering why, when it was built, the building at the back didn't extend to the end of the stand. Another bit of short-sightedness?

It looks like there would just about have been enough space And we'd have far more corporate hospitality space.

Would that ever be an enhancement we'd be looking at? Obviously the memorial garden is located there now so might need relocation if we did.
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There's nothing to stop that being done now, the boxes would be high enough not to obstruct anything below and could use a rebuilt turnstile block as support for the top right corner. Plus it would protect you from the rain at the tea hut down the bottom of the slope.

Martin Lawrence

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Apr 6, 2005
I suggested this to Norrie Stewart when he was here, the intention was to put in more exec boxes. Norrie actually priced up the project and it could have paid for itself in a short period of time. The Trust could even have had one box. Not sure what prevented it in the end.
The cost of construction I expect. Back in those days, we didn't really have a pot to urinate in.

Bridgy 81

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Jun 9, 2021
https://www.archdaily.com/1009770/idom-and-gilroy-mcmahon-architects-design-the-remodeling-of-dalymount-park-stadium-in-dublin?utm_medium=email&utm_source=ArchDaily List&kth=5,379,426&mc_cid=bf4fa99414&mc_eid=06bd604e28

Came across this today, might interest a few that play around with possibilities. Overhead shots not too dissimilar to our place.
Hope the link works, not my strong point.
I’ve been to Dalymount Park to watch Bohemians play and it is very hemmed in (like SJP) and is also just off Dublin’s North Circular road.
It was very dilapidated when I was there with most of the crowd accommodated in the (relatively new - about 25 years old) Jodi Stand with the majority of the rest of the stadium closed.
It was hard to imagine it had staged numerous full international matches over the years and Bob Marley’s last ever outdoor show.
Just looking at the photos and briefly reading the blurb I can see the plan is to rotate the stadium and essentially completely rebuild it.
I suppose as it’s owned by the Council the funding would be less of an issue in one way assuming Irish local authorities have more money than their UK counterparts.
By the way Bohs are a very interesting club, quite political and with a fairly unique slant on some of their merchandising.
I’ve had a quick look this morning and they’re still producing some good stuff but unfortunately the kit they used to wear emblazoned with the pattern of the material used on the seats of the City’s buses seems to have gone.


Well-known Exeweb poster
Mar 9, 2004
The cost of construction I expect. Back in those days, we didn't really have a pot to urinate in.
My idea was to construct this at no cost to the club by giving firms a five year lease with an upfront payment on the lease which would cover the capital cost of construction.