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Should be quiet on here tonight Lads.


Dec 1, 2015
I see your relegation scrap is going the way of the home team. (rofl)
we all know Janners are inbred, but, lets face it, we are not in a relegation scrap, im sure we will play you next season, throwing it away, peaked to soon and all that

16 games is a hell of a lot to play for, and as Northampton have proved 8 points is nothing, to think 6 weeks ago you lot were banging on about being 5 clear, Northampton have taken 13 points more than you have and they only had one extra game, jog on Ian

Avening Posse

Very well known Exeweb poster
Dec 31, 2013
Anthony Lilly on 'facebook free chat' more on-line identities then anyone in the history of football related stuff.
The deepthroating deceitful Windsor boys have tried everything in the book.
Nice one Zod ? not the foggiest what you going on about here ? :S, can us mere mortals have a literal translation please :)
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